Well-designed interiors are often inspired by everything from arts & theater, past and present cultures of the world, and richly woven fabrics.  Yet we simply can not live with design that does not work; functional requirements demand innovative solutions.  A good design integrates timeless quality, utmost luxury, practicality, and technological advances where required.   Each and every interior space should be approached with the goal of creating an experience that speaks to the senses, while simultaneously functioning as convenienly and comfortably as possible.  The best design allows us to truly enjoy existing with and within it.



What began as a cottage-industry custom workshop in 1990 has evolved into a premier resource for interior decor and custom window treatments.  Company owner + founder Raina Steinmeier works with select clients to create interior environments tailored to the individual.  Ms. Steinmeier's cumulative experiences total 20 years of study and practice in manufacturing & styling extraordinary custom products, and sourcing materials from around the globe.  She welcomes collaborative partnership with Architects and Interior Design Professionals, with the goal of delivering unlimited vision to discerning clientele.



Tackling unique or difficult textiles applications to meet the demands of a given design criteria. 

Working with innovative materials for the modern interior environment.

Creating a balanced juxtaposition of old world luxury and contemporary aesthetics.

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